Herd: Bellasara

Title: High Queen of all of North of North

Family: Mate Bello, Colt Bellissimo, Filly Bellissa

Treasure: Auroborus

The immortal Bella is the first and greatest of horses. She rules over all of North of North alongside Sara, her constant companion. She worked together with Sara to create the many herds and created practically everything in North of North, from the mountains that surround it to the great castles inside. In fact, she was the first horse Sara ever touched. When a spark of love and magic wound them with a bond so tight, it gave her more knowledge and magic than any other horse. Her legendary wisdom is so great that not only does she command all to bow before her, but inspire those to stand beside her.

Picture 209

Sara riding Bella


Bella is a gorgeous snowy white mare with a strong but elegant build. Her mane and tail appear to glow and sometimes they appear a soft blonde in the sun. Other times she can appear silver, however. Her muzzle is distinctively tipped in black and pink. Her eyes are a deep and warm black, and her hooves are broad and dusty brown. She is seen often with a glittering aura, though it isn't known if she actually emits it. She is arguably one of the most beautiful horses of North of North.


Bella loves all horses and other creatures in North of North. She named her own herd Bellasara to honor her special bond with Sara, the goddess of horses. She encourages the horses in her herd to become wiser by trying to understand the world around them. But she grants the Order of Bella only to those whose wise minds are matched with loving hearts.

Magical Gift

Bella can do a large amount of things including walking on water and air and holds a great deal of magic. She is the wisest horse ever to live and is the most compassionate and understanding of all living things. Along with these abilities, she is also immortal. 

Bella Sara Adventures

She is located next to the Starstone Otter in the Fountain Plaza. Try feeding her vanilla - it's her favorite.

Inspirational Saying

Think positive every day! Feel the bliss of joy and energy that comes with it.

Specific Parts gladly copied by "birdadmirer" from the other Bella Sara wiki