Bella Sara Adventures brings you on a quest to restore magic to North of North. Your journey begins in Canter Farms, where you meet Wings, the magical pegasus. She starts you on your journey to replenish the land of North of North of its magic. You do this by planting seeds and growing fruit, flowers, and other plants. The Tree of Magic becomes more full of life and magic the more plants you grow. You can meet lots of horses and people who live in North of North and become friends.

Locations in Bella Sara Adventures

Canter Farms

Canter Downs

The Fountain Plaza

Bagatella Row

The Outskirts

Fastalon West Riverbank

Wolf Den

Darkcomb Hedge

Darkcomb Forest

Artisans Way

The Trailhead

The Rose Valley

Rolandsgaard Boardwalk

The Ballroom


Foods in Bella Sara Adventures

Horses' favorite foods

Foods you can grow

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