Herd: Bellasara

Family: Mother Bella; Father Bello

Titles: Prince and Princess of Herd Bellasara

Picture 11 love

Bellisimo, Bella's colt


Bellisimo is Bella and Bello's firstborn colt. He has a furry gray coat with a heart spot on his neck and a fuzzy, glowing white mane and tail. He likes to be by his mother's side; he is kind and considerate, but a little shy. His inspirational message is "Trust yourself and you will know how to live."

Picture 12

Bellissa, Bella's filly


Bellissa is Bella and Bello's filly, the younger sister. She has a soft white coat with a heart spot on her side and black hind leg socks. A pretty white bow secures her white tail. She seems to favor being at her father's side and is energetic, playful, and curious. Her inspirational saying is "Become the person you want to be. You will find joy along the way."