Herd: Sunflower

Title: Seasonal Spirit

Family: Mate Rosebriar, Colt Briar, Fillies Petal and Calyx

Picture 200

Beran with his whimsical elven friends.


Beran is a tea green stallion with summer leaves as his mane. He is not just an enchanting horse, he is a force of nature. His ankles are tied with vines, leaves, and jingle bells that his whimsical friends the Twinkle Imps put there. He has swirl markings that harness him to true, natural magic.

History and Magical Gift

His job is to pull the light and warmth of the sun to Bella Sara, and to prepare the world for spring and summer. When spring comes to North of North, Beran solemnly rises from the Jasmine Forest. As he and his friends walk away from the cold of winter and towards summer, grass emerges from the cold soil, trees and grass turn from a dull brown to fresh leafy green. Where Beran walks, warm winds blow and snow melts. Where the Twinkle Imps dance, daffodils and daisies spring up. For Beran, the Twinkle Imps turn his work into a game.

Inspirational Saying

"You can choose this moment to change yourself."