Thunder is the Blackcomb Lion's best friend.



The Blackcomb Lion

The Blackcomb Lion is slightly smaller than the average lion but keeps its same golden color. He has a short black mane around his neck that reaches down between his front legs before stopping at his hind legs. A tuft of black fur tops his tail.


They are an endangered species in Bella Sara, but the few of them live in rocky caves in the northern mountains of Riddlemere. These mountains border the autumn sands, where the warm winds heat that side of the mountain. The blackcomb lions use this to their advantage, digging far reaching tunnels were the air is warmer.


The Blackcomb Lion shares Thunder's courage and always faces challenges. Lightning and snow storms are the strongest at their height, and so they get full blast. Living in these harsh conditions is part of their normal lives, and so they grow hardy from them.