Listed here are all the published books in the Bella Sara series.

Bella's Gift

This is the first book in the series, and features Jillian Frouda, along with Bella, Ivanna, a very special wolf, and the 4 other legendary horses. The book description states "The majestic mare Bella must enlist the help of Fiona, Thunder, Jewel and Nike to save an imprisoned girl and her animal friends from an evil presence in North of North."

Valkrist's Flight

The second book of the series, this tale focuses on Emma and her adventure as she comes to realize her birthright as a Valkyrie and meet Wings. The book description states "Introducing Valkrist--- a maejestic winged steed who will help a farm girl discover that her dreams about magical horses might be more real than she ever imagined."

Jewel's Magic

Jewel's Magic is about the journey of a young girl named Shine Anders as Jewel accompanies her on a quest to find her mother and the Rolandotter vault. 

Nike's Great Race

The fourth book of the series focuses on Marta, a young farm girl who wants to compete in a dangerous competition to save her family's home.

Fiery Fiona

Meet the beautiful and heroic Fiona — the mare with the glowing red mane — as she helps a young girl discover that things aren’t always what they seem.

Thunder's Courage

Follow the valiant and powerful steed Thunder as he helps a young girl find the courage to face an evil sorceress who looms in Darkcomb Forest.

Harmony's Journey

An evil maestro is set on becoming the most powerful musician in North of North. He wants to steal music from all the land. Can a young girl and a musical foal named Harmony stop his wicked plan?

Pepper's Quest

Meet Pepper, a feisty but beautiful speckled roan. When Pepper teams up with the young girl Jillian Frouda to help her find her long-lost parents, the two must trust each other in order to survive. Will they succeed in their quest?

Coral and the Pearl Diver

A beautiful water horse, Coral is destined to meet a special girl in need of her guidance. Coral must lead the young girl to important discoveries that will change the course of their destinies forever.

Shamal's Secret

Meet Shamal, a desert horse with remarkable strength and a mysterious past. When a young girl needs his help but resists it, Shamal must find a way to guide her to safety. Together they go on a journey that bonds them forever.

Amia and the Ice Gems

Shine Anders is overjoyed to meet lovely Amia, the daughter of the legendary horse Jewel. Together they set out on an adventure to find the precious Ice Gems. Their journey takes a dangerous turn when Shine's best friend, Gertrude, is kidnapped by treasure hunters!

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