Herd: Airistos

Title: Page of Herd Airistos

Family: Mother Allegra, Father Rodrigo


Brioso is a bay alicorn colt with black markings and silky, deep green moth wings. He has a glowing buttercup-gold horn and a bright white heart-shaped mark on his forehead. His wings look exactly like his mother's, and are varying shades of green with black spots. His mane and tail are a deep charcoal and constantly look windswept and ruffled. He has a small head and ears with a gangly appearance. His black stockings are unusually lengthy and his black hooves glimmer in the dawn sun. Around his neck is a thick, emerald-studded lime green necklace with a gold pendant marked with the Airistos Herd symbol and light gold trimming. He is very large for a colt his age.


Brioso is extremely playful and caring; however, he can be very formal when needed. He enjoys spending his days making the Airistos Castle looking spic and span, and catering to the will of King Uranus and Queen Anemone, along with the Prince and Princess. He feels it is his duty to serve the Airistos Royal Family, and only allows himself to become carefree when he is with his family or friends, and when he is carefree he can be the most playful of colts, and the kindest of horses.

Magical Gift

As Brioso is an alicorn and has wings, he can naturally fly. As he flies, his horn leaves behind a trail of bright yellow light, mixed with golden dust, sometimes confused for pixie or fairy dust. He can maneuver wildly in the air, doing turns, back-flips, and dives alongside his hawk friend.

Magical Friend

Brioso is constantly followed by his animal friend, a hawk who flies just as wildly as he does. The hawk has orange-red feathers mixed with chocolate brown and black feathers, suggesting that this bird might be an adolescent Red-shouldered Hawk.

Inspirational Message

"You are full of life and energy. Use it to do something great!"