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Corcel, Knight of Herd Airistos

Herd: Airistos

Title: Knight of Herd Airistos

Family: Former love Honora - perhaps they're still together?


Corcel is a handsome dapple-gray stallion. He has a rich and well-trimmed cactus green mane and tail, kept in perfect condition for his Knightly manner. He has full-black stockings on his legs, while his hooves are a deep evergreen and glimmer with a kind of polish. His wings are lime green, and are very similar to dragon wings - he even seems to have the remnants of claws between the stretched skin. Corcel wears a lush green knight's gown trimmed with lime green silk, and kept on by black, leather straps around his abdomen area. There is a yellow Airistos symbol embroidered on the side of the gown. The gown reaches down his chest and is quite symmetrical, giving him a medieval air. His facial features show typical Spanish-horse traits, with the bowed muzzle and high cheek bones, along with the smaller ears.


Corcel is an extremely hardworking stallion, he loves to get the job done and to always go the extra mile to get the job complete. Corcel is extremely nice and confident when you are on his good side, but if you are rude to him or one of his friends, he can turn quite nasty. Although he humbly denies it, he is quite the ladies-stallion.

Magical Gift

Corcel can fly very well, as most Airistos horses, and he also can bestow good fortune to those that are kind to others.

Inspirational Message

"Choose a worthy goal and go after it with all your heart."