Cosima, Lady of Herd Airistos

Herd: Airistos

Title: Chatelaine of Herd Airistos

Family: Sweetheart Zephyros


Cosima is a pretty chocolate brown Pegasus mare with a deep brown mane and tail that have rose vines and small crimson roses braided in with a fish-tail braid. Her mane has one large curl, sweeping it back. She has a very defined Roman nose and is most obviously a light horse type. She has black tips on her muzzle and ears. Her soft hazel eyes have a sly gleam in them.

Her large, brown glittery wings fan out like an eagle's and are unusually large for a horse her size. They are always in prim condition and have feathers the color of coffee. She has deep brown socks on all four legs that blend in with her brown hooves perfectly. She has small, green vines wrapped around her back fetlocks. Around her neck is a navy green, silk necklace containing a large gold hoop with four brass keys. Given her position these are probably keys to rooms of great treasure in the Airistos Palace.


Cosima is an exceptionally kind and gracious mare. She loves to make others happy and never puts anyone down. She is also quite shy at points, and will not fight back if someone is being mean to her, but in times of great need her true bravery will show and she can be a handy asset. She loves foals and spends much of her time with Cirra, the Princess of Herd Airistos; however, she tries to treat Cirra as if she is younger than she actually is, which causes Cirra to become annoyed. Other than that Cosima is basically loved by everybody, and for good reason. It is said she met Zephyros when she was off hiding a treasure for the Herd Airistos King and Queen and he spied her hiding the treasure.

Magical Gifts

Cosima can fly, as all Pegasi can, and is exceptionally good at keeping things hidden since it is the Chatelaine's job to keep the treasures of the Herd. She has a knack for thinking of hiding spots no one would think of; one can think she must have been very good at hide and seek when she was a filly! She also is a very good secret-keeper, and would never give away the secrets of Herd Airistos.

Inspirational Message

"Learning is the key that opens up the whole world to you."