Picture 32

Dawnstar Castle: home of Herd Starlight.

Dawnstar Castle is the beloved home of Herd Starlight. It is located in a cold and snowy mountain range overlooking the Bella Constellation. It is built in a circle with 5 main towers forming a star around the tallest central tower. All other pillars are connected to these 5. On the top of each tower floats a giant magical sphere of energy and light. The central tower holds up the sphere of all. These Dawnstar Jewels gather starlight, making the castle glow and sending a beam of light energy up into the skies for all eternity...

Herd Pendant: The Starstone


Magnificent Starstone

Herd Starlight's pendant, worn by Starlight herself, is the keeper of the Herd's power. It is the shape of a star and it's chain is made of gleaming pearls. Set in the five spokes of the star are 5 teardrop shaped diamonds. In the center sits a pink stone with the image of a galloping horse set into it.