Herd: Elemyn

Title: Founder & Patron of Herd Elemyn

Family: Brothers Mustang and Pantheon

Elemyn founded the herd named after her when the herds reformed. Her herd was only rediscovered recently, by Emma Roland.

Picture 143

Elemyn in her territory


Elemyn is an iridescent ice blue mare with a purple and blue flowing mane and tail. Her legs are red and blue, and her body pulses with an electrical current. She is known to have every color of the rainbow on her. Even though she doesn't have wings, she can fly extremely well.

Magical Gift

Elemyn has control over the powers of Christmas, which extends to the power of snow and lights. She is a windwalker, and she has the power to bring merriment and cheer in her wake wherever she walks. 

Inspirational Saying

"Give your friend a hug. You will get it back a thousand times."