The Legendary horse: FIONA

Herd: Shahazar

Title: Patron of Herd Shahazar

Family: Filly Farah

Treasure: The Patchwork

Fiona is one of the four Legendary horses of Bella Sara. She is known for her creativity and brilliance, and is friends with the Quixie Fauns, furry creatures who share her creativity and resemble the mythical faun.


Fiona is a fiery red mare with a long mane and tail of the same color. She has an Arabian-like appearance, with a slightly dished profile and slim body type with an arched neck. She has warm brown eyes. She seems to have passed on her coat color to her daughter, Farah, but Farah's mane and tail are visibly more wavy and curly, and she stands a few hands higher than her legendary mother.


When Sigga Rolanddotter left North of North, Fiona was chosen to become Patron of Herd Shahazar. Her and Shahazar, founder of the herd, rebuilt it and restored it to its former glory. She now assists Queen Aviva and King Nasim to rule over Herd Shahazar in Autumn Sands, a vast desert and the Shahazar Castle, the home of the Royal Family.  


Fiona is mostly known for her creativity and brilliance, and showers Herd Shahazar in it. However, she is filled with fiery determination and a good dose of bravery as well. She is very spirited and will not hesitate to defend her friends and family if they are threatened. She loves to run the length of the desert as fast as she can, and prefers not to stray from the warmth of the silky sand dunes and blazing sun of the Autumn Sands desert. She isn't one to work with foals, not that she is unkind, it is just that she prefers to have a conversation with someone of her own intellectual ability.  

Magical Gift

When Sara threw a piece of a book called The Patchwork into a fire, Fiona was born from the flames. This connects Fiona to fire and she masters flames with grace. In the book Bella's Gift, Fiona left a trail of fire behind her when she ran.


Fiona is mother to Farah, Lady of Herd Shahazar, but her mate is unknown. Her relationship with Farah was never the best, since Farah always was worrying about how she looked and who she would end up mating with, along with keeping up appearance as a Ladyship, while Fiona was always more about exploring the Autumn Sands and running far and wide, along with increasing her knowledge of Bella Sara. 

Bella Sara Adventures

Fiona is located in the Ballroom Entrance Room. Her favorite food is cocoa.

Inspirational Message

"Be the hero in your own story."


Fiona is featured in several Bella Sara products:

Book 5 of Bella Sara's books


Three different trading cards: Extra Rare from the First Series , Native Lights Series , and Regular TCG.