Herd: Pantheon

Titles: Possibly Prince and Princess of Herd Pantheon

Family: Mother Athena, Father Apollo

Treasures: Harmony's Music Box, Aegis's Shield (?)


Picture 219

Harmony and her magical lyre.

Harmony is the opposite coloring of her mom, Athena. While her mother has a cream body and a plum mane and tail, Harmony has a shimmering coat the color of violets with dainty hooves and a bushy mane and tail of silver honey. Her large eyes glow brightly and are like brilliant amethysts. Harmony also inherited her mother's manners and divine nobility. She has a magical lyre that can play any tune Harmony wants without Harmony touching it. Harmony is connected with musical magic that allows any instrument in range to be in tune with her lyre.

Saying: Making music creates harmony in the world. 


Picture 220

Aegis looking at his reflection in a golden shield.

Aegis has a light caramel coat like his father and a brushy, plum colored mane and tail like his mother. He wears a crown of laurel leaves on his head and leather straps around his ankles. He has also inherited his father's rowdy and free-wheeling nature.

Aegis is named after Zeus's magical goatskin shield, the Aegis. Athena carried it around when Zeus wasn't using it.

Saying: Do something that makes you feel proud. Others will be proud of you too.