• Sara and Bella
  • Sigga Rolandotter
  • Emma and Wings
  • Colm and Soot
  • Deru and Twig
  • Deru at Bella's Ball
  • Johan Bloom
  • Avallyn
  • Tyri
  • Seraphia & Tyri

Here are some known humans and their horses:


Sara, as stated on the front page, was raised a goddess. After Sigga Rolandotter the Valkyrie was banished to Midgard, Sara became supreme goddess of all of Bella Sara. Together, she and Bella rule over North of North. Instead of calling Bella her horse, she marks Bella as her equal. You can find out more about Bella and Sara in their respective pages.

In the game Bella Sara Adventures, Sara is in the Overgaard Skylands, and Bella is in the Fountain Plaza.

Sigga Rolandgard"'

Sigga Rolandgard was banished long ago from North of North because she fell in love with a mortal man and interfered with his destiny, which is against the immortal ways. She was punished by being exiled from North of North and lost her previous Valkyrie powers such as flight and shape-shifting. However, one should not judge her because even though she made a mistake, she organized the major herds and she helped form Bella Sara. Along with this, she was much of a big sister to Sara and they had a very close relationship. 

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Emma Roland

Emma is a 12-year old human girl who is a descendant of Sigga Rolandotter, thus she is part of the Royal family. She has long, chocolate brown hair tied back in a pony tail, aqua blue eyes, and peach-colored skin. She typically wears a royal purple vest with a ruffled white shirt underneath with puffed up sleeves. She also generally wears a pair of royal blue pants with golden buttons. She always carries her bright red messenger bag with her wherever she goes, as it is filled with many useful tools. She replaced Sigga as leader of the Valkyries and has gone on many adventures since. Her steed is named Wings, the first Valkyrie mount to ever be born on Midgard.

In the game Bella Sara Adventures, Emma is in Rolandsgaard Boardwalk and Wings is in Canter Farms.

You can see all the quests given to Emma in Emma's Adventures.

Colm Roland

Colm Roland is Emma's cousin. He has messy blond hair and despite the femininity in Bella Sara, he enjoys North of North a lot. His horse is named Soot.

In Bella Sara Adventures, Colm's in the Outskirts. After you get a certain adventure, Soot can be found right next to Colm.


Deru is Colm and Emma's faithful friend. She is a type of nature spirit called a dryad, and despite this she is normal size. She is the soul of the world tree Drasilmare, and Twig, her dryad steed, is the heart. She has brown skin and a long black pony tail. If she stood still enough you would mistake her for a lotus flower. She goes every where with Emma and Colm when Emma's Valkyrie duties call her back into action.

On Bella Sara Adventures, she's in Canter Downs.

Johan Bloom

Johan Bloom is a young farmer and the keeper of the Sunstone, Sunflower's magical herd pendant, until he gave it to Emma. He had been kept alive for thousands of years with the Sunstone's magic. When Emma gave the Sunstone back to Sunflower, the magic no longer worked and he started to get really old, reallly quickly. Luckily for him, his true love Avalynn had finally awaken and she healed him wth her magic. They got married soon after. His horse is named Cayenne.

Princess Avalynn

Princess Avalynn is a beautiful fairy princess with long red hair and an orange and gold dress. She had been asleep in an amber gem for a thousand years. Once her thousand years were up, it cracked to pieces and she was free. She was keeper of the Moonstone until she gave it to Emma. When she heard that Johan was hurt she rushed to him with Emma and healed him with her magic. They were married soon after. Avalynn's steed is a unicorn named Tiara, who guarded Avalynn in her enchanted slumber.

Marta Thomas

Marta Thomas doesn't have a horse, but she has three Bovos (floating cows): one yellow, one brown, and one pink.

In the game Bella Sara Adventures, she and the bovos are side by side in the Overgaard Skylands


Tyri is the youngest and funniest of the Valkyries, a group of imortal women who ride flying horses and decide which souls will be chosen to become einherjar. Long ago their leader Sigga taught Tyri how to be a Valkyrie. Now Tyri must teach Emma, Sigga's long- awaited heir. Tyri and Emma plan to enjoy Bella's Ball, but then they must begin Emma's first quest.

She is also the rider of Seraphia.

In Bella Sara Adventures she is located in Canter Downs.

Shine Anders

Shine is a young jeweler whose ancestors once worked for Sigga Rolandotter. She also formed a special bond with Jewel's daughter, Amia.

In Bella Sara Adventures she is located in Artisans Way.

Cade Traveler

Cade is a stable hand who runs the stables in Trails End. He makes sure that all of the many different horses in the North of North have a place to rest.

In Bella Sara Adventures he is located in Canter Farms.

Ray Smithin

Ray is a smithy who works with many types of metals.

In Bella Sara Adventures he is located in Artisans Way.

Gaelic "Woods" Weyland

Gaelic is a carpenter who runs the furniture store in Artisans Way. Most likely based off a Jötunn of Frey himself.

In Bella Sara Adventures he is located in Artisans Way.

Mother Comfort

Mother Comfort is a well known, and well loved, candy maker, who lives with her four citrus stacks: Yallo, Oran, Forrie,and Turq. She makes the most delicious candy in Trails End, and once won a candy making contest judged by Jewel. Her gumdrops are said to be famous. She is assumed to be based off Frigga from Norse mythology.

In Bella Sara Adventures she is located in Bagatella Row.

Tiff Miltondotter

Nothing is really known about Tiff, except that she is helping with the preparations for Bella's Ball.

In Bella Sara Adventures she is located in the Ballroom Entrance Room.