Herd: Elemyn

Title: Queen of Herd Elemyn

Family: Mate Frostfire, Filly Noel, Colt Silver

Picture 191



Jubilee is a stunning fiery pegasus mare. Her body is made of fire and lava, and she seems to be encased in a fiery shadow, with her head, legs, wings, mane, and tail glowing brightly with a candle's light. Her head is tiny and pointed, while her flowing fiery mane and tail are hardly substantial at all, seemingly made from dust. Her wings blaze with a blinding fire aurora and fan out magnificently in a feathery display. She has a lot of wispy, fiery feathering and is a draft horse. She has a proud arched neck, and a regal demeanor. Her legs and body are muscular, while her neck and head appear dainty and small in comparison. Her eyes are a blaring amber and can relay her emotions perfectly. All in all, she is a breathtaking display.


She has a love of darkness, as it best shows off her light. She is a very regal and proud Queen, with a personality much too unique to be match by anyone's. She is known to be slightly bipolar, and changes her emotions quickly. If she is happy she will prance around, leaving a trail of joyful horses wherever she goes; but when she is angry she rages like a burning inferno and erupting volcano, leaving horses cowering in fear. For the most part she is a happy and regal horse and loves her mate very much, as they match each other perfectly. She loves her power as a Queen, but would never abuse it and enjoys making her herd a wonderful place.

Magical Friend

She is friends with a fiery phoenix, who seems to share her love of the shadows. He loves to fly and sends off a sparking display that makes everyone stop and watch. Much like Jubilee, he enjoys being the center of attention. Also like Jubilee, he is known to be slightly bipolar and regal. He has a body to match her coat, with him being made from fire and lava as well. They are both eye-catching displays.

Magical Ability

Jubilee can fly, and she has amazing fiery abilities which match her appearance. She has the power to slightly manipulate others' emotions, depending on what she is feeling at the moment.

Inspirational Message

"A heart that loves is forever young."