Bella isn't the only legendary horse. There are a few more, and those are four very special horses that rise above the rest.

  • Fiery Fiona
  • Magical Jewel
  • Baby Jewel
  • Graceful Nike
  • Baby Nike
  • Brave Thunder
  • Baby Thunder
  • Baby Bella
  • Beautiful Bella

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The Legendary Horses

  • Nike (Herd Airistos)


There are also many legendary herds in the land of Bella Sara. Each herd has a founder which the herd was named after.

  • Shahazar
    • Shahazar
    • Islander
    • Airistos
    • Valeryk
    • Sunflower
    • Moonfairy
    • Starlight
    • Pantheon
    • Elemyn
    • Mustang
(Remembering which one is a herd and which is a founder is rather difficult, so remember; When it is a herd that is being spoken of, it will say Herd Pantheon, Moonfairy, etc. When it is talking about the founder it will just say Pantheon, Moonfairy, etc.)

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Favorite Legendary Horse

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