Herd: Mustang

Title: Patron and Founder of Herd Mustang

Family: Sister Elemyn, Brother Pantheon

Picture 30

The mighty Mustang


Mustang is a very beautiful stallion, whose coats shines almost as bright as the sun. It is the color of a copper penny. Along with his slim body type, he can run faster than almost all the creatures in Bella Sara.


Once the royal herds were back up and running, more herds started forming, Mustang and his siblings, Pantheon and Elemyn decided to create their own herds. Mustang named his herd after himself, and he opened it for all the wild spirited horses of Bella Sara. Once Sigga disappeared, he and his herd went into hiding for thousands of years. When Emma returned, she brought them back. 

Magical Gift

As stated above, his speed is something of legends. Faster than all the creatures in Bella Sara, Herd Mustang's members try to rival him, but none can compare. 

Inspirational Message

"Love is the greatest gift you can give or recieve".