Herd: Airistos

Title: Patron of Herd Airistos

Family: Mate Flame, Colt Emberic, Fillies Helia and Addis

Treasure: Drasilmare

Nike was born on Mount Olympus among the Greek gods. As a foal, she was captured by a giant, and Bella and Sara came to her rescue. Sara, admiring her bravery, made Nike a legendary horse. She helped build and rebuild Herd Airistos with its founder. Now, she assists King Uranus and Queen Anemone in ruling over the herd in the Windhome Skylands. 

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Nike is a glossy sienna brown Pegasus mare with a gossamer pink mane and tail. Her wings are well-groomed and the feathers are an ethereal mix of snowy white, pastel pink, lilac, and icy blue with light gray stems. She is never seen without her unique ribbons that are translucent and shimmer with the exact colors of her wings. The ribbons are fastened around her hindquarters with a silver charm made from flawless opal and pearls. Around the forearms of her front fetlocks are tarnished silver, beautifully engraved pieces of armor that look as though they were made by the Greek gods (which they probably were).


Nike is known for her quest for excellence and beauty and only allows those with great taste into her herd. She can be very jealous at times, but is mainly very good natured. She's very competitive, but not overly so, and most of the time is very sweet and kind. The only thing that really makes her different from all the other Legendary horses is that she really cares about her appearance and must be seen at her best at all times -she loves showing off and having beautiful objects. Despite her flaws she loves and cares about all foals. 

Magical Gift

Long ago, Nike was saved from a terrible beast by Sara, and so spreads the kindness of this deed by bestowing good luck onto those most worthy. She is also one of the fastest fliers in North of North.

Bella Sara Adventures

Nike is found in the Overgaard Skylands. Her favorite food is a lemon-lime.

Inspirational Message

Have the courage to trust yourself.


Nike is featured in several forms of Bella Sara products: