Pantheon, king of the godly horses.

Herd: Pantheon

Title: Patron and Founder of Herd Pantheon

Family: Brother Mustang, Sister Elemyn


Pantheon is a handsome indigo stallion with feathered wings the color of the rainbow, his mane and tail are a deep violet, and flow freely at all times. He has golden highlights around his eyes and a floating golden crown around his poll. He has a Greek symbol on his hindquarters, which symbolizes what his herd stands for.


Once the Royal Herds were brought back from ruins, he and his siblings created herds of their own. Pantheon named his herd after himself. Herd Pantheon was a herd for horses with names and powers that resembled the Greek Gods.Pantheon hooves are also a bright gold yellow.

Magical Gift

Some say Pantheon controls the rainbows with a beat of his wings, and make things levitate at his will.  

Inspirational Message

What you have learned is inside you, always available when you need it.