Herd: Starlight

Family: Mate Sidera

Picture 276

Firey Quasar


Quasar is a stallion with a fiery red-orange coat, a dark maroon mane and tail tinged with a molten red like lava, and flaming red bat-like wings. His hooves are lit with yellow fire. He is surrounded by an aura of heat. His eyes burn a fierce yellow and are lit with flame. He is almost the exact opposite of Sidera.


Fierce and brave, Quasar's courage almost matches Thunder's. He is often very protective of Sidera, and when horse sharing, his images are often delivered with force.

Magical Gift

Quasar is made of magical fire. You can tell by his image how the fire can slide easily across his body without a single mark. He has the ability to fly thanks to his magical wings.

Inspirational Saying

"Share your energy with someone who needs a little brightness."