Herd: Starlight

Title: Patron of Herd Starlight

Family: Sisters Moonfairy and Sunflower

Starlight founded the herd named after her when the herds reformed. She still rules that herd, comprised mainly of pegasi and windwalkers who walk the stars.




Starlight is a glowing palomino windwalker mare. She has four white stockings, a creamy mane and tail, and a black muzzle. She has a collection of orbs on her forehead that glow when the moon reaches its zenith.


Starlight is said to have a reality distortion field. She wills those to do the impossible by saying it is possible. She can bend reality in her hooves and push those to do their best.

Magical Gifts

Starlight has an aura which causes her to glow as brightly as the sun. She is also a windwalker.

Inspirational Saying

"Believe it and it will work."