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Bella Sara is an online site and card game bringing joy to children everywhere through the magic of horses. Here, at the Bella Sara Wiki, you can discover the unique personality of your favorite horse, see the rich landscapes of the different herds, and hang out with all your Bella Sara friends! Creative people will love to show off their skills in the Gallery and Fan-Fiction Pages. And, because of its easy-to-use, well-organized navigation, It couldn't be easier to find exactly what you're searching for!

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Bella Sara is a game including trading cards featuring various magical horses. Alongside online games, an interactive website, and various other types of merchandise, the franchise created the magical world of North of North, created by the goddess Sara. Trading cards are the heart of the Bella Sara franchise, and these cards are a way of bringing the magic of North of North to every fan's heart. 

The franchise and company became inactive in 2012, although cards and merchandise can still be found online and the website is still up, but the series still lives on in the hearts of those who love the world of North of North and its horses.


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