The Horses of North of North (from Bella Sara: The Ultimate Guide)


Just a few of Bella Sara's horses.

North of North is the ancestral home of all horses. Every horse can trace its bloodline back to North of North. Naturally, the horses of North of North are the best and brightest of their kind. Every horse in North of North has been touched by magic, and even the most normal-looking of horses has at least one small magical gift of their own. Sometimes, it takes a while for the horse to discover what it is.

Although their gifts and abilities vary, all horses in North of North share some common traits that differentiate them from regular horses. Firstly, their lifespans are much longer. They live at least as long as humans do, and many live for hundreds of years or even more. They can learn, remember, wonder, imagine and figure things out much like people.

Horses in North of North are intelligent enough to understand human speech, but they don't talk themselves. Instead they use a magical ability called horse-sharing. This ability lets horses share mental pictures with people, horses or other animals, so they can tell others what they are thinking or how they are feeling. Anyone who has a bond with a particular horse can pick up the horse's emotions from these pictures. For horses, the pictures of horse-sharing are much clearer than words.