Water horses, also known as hippocampi in mythology, live in the waters of North of North.

  • Kora
  • Coral and the Pearl Diver
  • Edana
  • Lakehorse
  • Kahuna


They can be horses with front legs and a sea-life tail, have only the head of a horse and the body of sea life, be able to walk on land for short periods of time before descending back into the waves (called kelpies), regular horses that can breathe underwater, or seahorses.

Origin of Water Horses

One day, when young Sara was playing in a river, she saw a beautiful fish. When sunlight touched its smooth scales, they glimmered and shined. Its silky fins rippled in the water as it danced to the motion of the waves. Sara thought to herself, how wonderful would it be if a horse could posess these qualities! With one fluid motion, she turned the fish into the first water horse, a beautiful creature of the sea.


These water horses generally dominate the Celestial Deep and Equinesian Sea as Herd Islandar, a herd completely constructed of water horses, but they can be found in many other herds as long as they live close enough to a large body of water.


Some examples of Water Horses are

  • Lakehorse: He is an example of the body type of a regular horse that breathes underwater. Both Norse and Celtic myths tell stories about lakehorses. In some stories, people were able to trick lakehorses into coming on land and working for them. But if the lakehorses ever saw so much as a puddle of water, they would run away back to their lakes.
  • Edana: Edana is the Queen of Herd Islandar and has the front half of a horse and back half of a fish. Edana lives in water, but her mane and tail flame like fire. The fire spoops are her friends.
  • Kora : Kora is a seahorse and the daughter of Edana and Treasure. Kora is a classic seahorse with fins of magical fire starting at the top of her head all the way to the tip of her tail. A small, persistent sphere of light spirals outward from her forehead forged into a single white-hot horn. As she swims, fire motes fall from her fiery vestige, smoking and smoldering as they fall to the sea floor.
  • Kahuna: