Zephyros Steward of Herd Airistos

Herd: Airistos

Title: Steward of Herd Airistos

Family: Sweetheart Cosima


Zephyros is a dark palomino Pegasus stallion. His mane and tail are a creamy buttercup-white and are very long. The tip of his muzzle and hooves are a jet black. He has satin jade-green ribbons completely covering his fetlocks and cannons, with a little ribbon trailing behind. The same ribbon is tied around the beginning of his tail, then intertwines loosely with it. His wings are a stunning evergreen on the top, and are a dark chestnut slowly fading to a white-cream at the bottom. His wings are made from large feathers and look like a hummingbird's wings. He had been seen on occasion wearing a simple jade green necklace of string around his neck, that had large green, glass spheres decorating it.


Zephyros is a very kind and caring stallion. He is never afraid to voice his opinions, but does so in a way that wouldn't hurt anyone's feelings. He cares for every living being and would never hurt a soul, he believes all actions have reprocussions. He takes his job as Steward very seriously, and really enjoys the company of Ebenos. He loves Cosima with all his heart and would never leave her.

Magical Gift

Zephyros can fly and can jump exceptionally high without the power of his large wings.

Bella Sara Adventures

You can find him in the Overgaard Skylands.

Inspirational Message

"Every day, you choose who you will become."